Product Introduction
The Eastsheen mini cube 2x2x2 is only 2.4 cubic centimeters and 9.4 grams for playing handily and smoothly. It's simpler, smaller, and lighter but not easier.

Don't belittle, it is not a little challenge as you may think.
With the same logical arrangement, this cube will inspire your mind with hundreds combinations. If you want to beat this challenge, you must visualize future sequences well. This challenge is over your imagination absolutely.

Packaging: 50 pcs / jar
                  30 pcs / jar
Specification Explanation
Carton size: 34 cm x 28 cm x 29 cm
jar: Ø 13.0 x 17.5 cm
Safe Authentication
This product has registered patents in many countries and passed the ASTM (U.S.A)and EN71(Europe).
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