Product Introduction
This Eastsheen DIY cube 5x5x5 is only 6.0 cubic centimeters and 120.5 grams for playing handily and smoothly. It is available you to "Do-It-Yourself". Besides the 6 screws, there are 8 parts in total 105 components which waiting for you to dismantle and assemble.
If you are looking for an unlimited challenge, you cannot afford to miss this Eastsheen cube 5x5x5. Except for receiving the extreme challenge with various combinations, here is a kind design, D.I.Y. function, for you. Once you mess up these cube pieces or are stumped in the solution, you can have many chances to retry it.
This magical variation will inspire your potential capacity completely.
Packaging: 120 pcs / 1 carton
Carton size: 38 cm x 33 cm x 28 cm
N.W. 14.5 kgs G.W. 15.6 kgs

Specification Explanation
Specifications: 6 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm
Unit weight: 0.121 kg
Safe Authentication
This product has registered patents in many countries and passed the ASTM (U.S.A)and EN71(Europe).
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